Getting water right July 10, 2014


In the last few months have been working to finishing up the project on the Everglades called Getting the Water Right, had an exhibition

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at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (UAE), and trying to find funding for a project on structural faults in our judicial system (with David Feige, Bronx Defenders, and Sara Zatz) and a project on Neglected Tropical Diseases.

The above pic is from the Florida project shot in Feb. during my month long Artist Residence Springs, FL…. or both. Still a few pictures short but the work will be in three venues this year. 5 or 6 pic at Artists of the Everglades at FAU in fall, and, at the end of the year, 2 more in historical photographic survey of the Everglades at The Norton in West Palm Beach. I really need gallery representation!

July 9, 2014

frazen May 28, 2013



Had a quick shoot with Jonathan Franzen today. It relates to a documentary he is doing on bird poaching in Europe. Nice guy. It is interesting when the subject of a portrait provides an amount

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of time depending on the usage; newspaper work is referenced as tomorrow’s fish wrappers. I keep in mind what Avedon reportedly said – if you don’t get it in the first 5 minutes you missed it.

May 27, 2013

auction May 24, 2013




I have some stuff up for auction in Europe. This is the first time I have had 2 images go

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to bid at the same time… one of the images is on the cover of the catalogue.

May 23, 2013

rumsfeld May 14, 2013



Back from DC. Had a wedding to attend but, as luck would have it, some portraiture was needed for a client. It was a pleasure spending time with Mr. Rumsfeld; he has lived a very interesting life… and has the most particular collection of photographs in his

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Interestingly, upon leaving government service after working for Ford, he CEO’ed the company that originally manufactured NutraSweet as well as another that created Tamiflu; both these products have complicated, and controversial, history. One causes cancer and the other… best to search “tamiflu” “bird flu” “controversy”.

May 14, 2013

japan April 27, 2013


Today I got the PDF of a 5 page spread on a project I shot while working with Prof. James Dawes on War Crimes in China during WWII… a project I was having a lot of problems finding funding for. Lucky that Jim saw the value and found funding. On my way to work at the World Economic Forum (in China) I spend a week working – A few years latter most of the people photographed had died.

I am less enthusiastic about the title Harvard

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choose for the book… but then again if I had written my grants using such language perhaps I might have received funding and been able to document more of these brave men willing to tell their stories of how the Japanese military training of WWII turned civilians into war criminals. This work relates to the present day and that is why I was interested in the project; it is a process of desensitization repeated over millenia.

April 26, 2013

joe April 26, 2013



Just got back from a week working in Brussels (after 5 strange days in Boston). Sara picked up my film from 2 weeks prior; Joe, my old Friend from high school, happens

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to live in what was once the Everglades. He was nice enough to let me take a few pictures after a rain storm with his daughter. I think the picture is fine but I am wondering why I did not back-up 10 feet… Its difficult to see the bigger picture some times.

April 25, 2013

gore April 6, 2013



Former Vice President Al Gore shoot was quick and a bit of a challenge. Flying to the Everglades the following day and I kept think how that swamp might have determined who became President in 2000; I thought it best not to inquire. Google

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Gore and Everglades jet port


Rainy season poster April 6, 2013


Kako did a

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great job doing a poster lay-out for a shorter French version of our comic. It is being used for a Malaria Prevention campaign in Guinea.


European Commission April 6, 2013


Opening at the European Commission for World

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Malaria Day 2013.


Paul Wolfowitz April 6, 2013


Very interesting

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time spent with Mr. Paul Wolfowitz for a Toby Harnden Sunday Time’s (UK) interview. It is fantastic hearing, both on and off the record, the workings of Presidential decision making, particularly when it resulted in 10 years of war.


NYMag The Americans April 6, 2013


Really fun few days running around for NYMag shooting The Americans for

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their first issue in March.